Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rotating B-Wing for X-Wing Miniatures Game

I am clearly getting old. I thought I definitely remembered that the Wave 3 B-Wing could rotate between horizontal and vertical. Alas, and much to my dismay, it does not. So, here I am with a broken B-Wing flight stand and a few more grey hairs. 

Time to break out the square brass tubing. I first used this trick when pinning the weapons on old metal Eldar War Walkers. Round pins would lead to droopy weapons, plus using square tubing with square rod made it easy to swap out the different guns on the War Walkers. 

The advantage of the square tubing is that it makes for very simple 90 degree rotations for the B-Wing. Just drill out the old peg and use your knife to cut between the cylindrical engine pods and eventually you will have enough space for the square tubing. Definitely dry fit before you glue, on the clear side as well. 

Piece of cake.  Now I can swap my B-Wing position to suit my mood, and clear conflicting overlapping models. Now... What do I do about the rotating cockpit?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Instant Impressions: B-Wing

Boy, it is a tough boat to fly.  It is easy to get a nice shot on the first pass, but hard to line up a second, especially against maneuverable opponents with Boost.  Ten Nunb's ability wasn't really a game-breaker.  If you want to use the Advanced Protons, make sure to have a HWK around for Focus to maximize the benefit, but it is really tough to get into position with those R1 new weapons with the B-Wing.

And SUPER disappointed it doesn't pivot.  Expect that to be rectified soon.

Can't wait to check out the rest of Wave 3, since a little genius brought them back from Gencon for me.  Thanks!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

X-Wing Modified YT-1300 (Outer Rim Smuggler)

I've fallen in love with Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures Game.  It has a great combination of deck/list building and quick game play with just the right mix of finding the right combo without being combo-dependent.

But what really sold me was the Millennium Falcon.  And if one Millennium Falcon is good, by all means, three is better!

Ok, well, so you can't have three in a game.  The YT-1300 is the generic freighter and the Millennium Falcon is a unique variant, a 1 point upgrade to a normal YT-1300.  So since I've got three YT-1300's now, some of them are going to need some modifications to differentiate them from the named ship.

This is the first time I've worked on one of the X-Wing miniatures, so I did a little experimentation.  The X-Wing models come pre-painted and the YT-1300 is nicely detailed for the price, especially considering Star Wars pieces usually carry a premium.

The first goal was to remove some of the wash to give the whole model a cleaner look.  I dipped a piece of blister foam in some odorless turpentine and gave it a little scrubbing, paying close attention to the rear vents that were especially dirty.  A good cleaning lightened the color and brightened it up compared to the factory paint job.

Next up was to cover the open access panels.  The Millennium Falcon has a lot of special modifications (is a piece of junk, depending on who you ask), so I figure a ship with fewer parsecs under her belt would be a little more buttoned-up.

This plasticard was carefully cut to fit the openings and then super glued in pace.  I used a standard hole punch for the front round openings and split a hole punch circle to give some detail to those covers.  The rear panels got bit-scraps of plasticard for details and then I sculpted some tubes on the panel opposite the communications dish.  I used the left-over greenstuff to fill in the port side damage and create a new pipe junction to cover most of the damage on the starboard front.

Since I'd only made a few changes, I didn't want to strip and re-paint the whole thing.  I don't plan on making any changes to my Millennium Falcon, so I wanted this new ship to be consistent with the factory paint.  I touched up the new white panels with a combination of the older Citadel Foundation paints: two parts Astronomican Grey with one part Deneb Stone.  The combination is a very close match to the warm, factory grey.  I also touched up some of the panels in the rear, to give it a little less worn look.  I also did a couple of thin coats of this color over all the red panels, since I wanted to have a distinctive accent color on the new YT-1300.  The Foundation colors blend well with the factory paint job because they are a little more muted.  The blue accent is Mordian Blue and I found that Citadel Codex Grey is a good match to the dark grey already on the model.

I finished off the model with a thin lamp black oil wash on the new paint, and a thin lining of Chaos Black to help emphasize the edges on the new panels.

That's all there is to it.  Here's a picture of the final product next to the original.  Close enough to not look out-of-place, but different enough to not be confusing on the table top.

Still one more YT-1300 to modify, but for now, may the Force be with you!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Infinity - Ninja Hit Squad

Just recently finished these, in spite of all the motivational heckling from my so called friends.  I hope you enjoy them.  They were tedious to assemble and so small I opted for a very simple scheme that I could finish easily without shooting myself.

Ninja Hit Squad

...and their backs!

I was really pleased with the bases.  They are all from Fenris, though I did add some flourishes on a couple of them - most notably the following.  The stance of the figure was larger than the base, so something had to be done.

Hand is drilled for future addition of Hackers HUD

Pinning was a real challenge on these.  They are true 28mm and two of them were up on one foot, as you can see below.  The Female was facing down and was hard to see, so given her pose I chose to elevate her as if she was springing off of the terrain.

Saito Togan - Kick to da Face!

Sorry for the crappy pic - she refused to be in focus.  Its probably her training.
Well there you have it.  Feel free to ask any questions.  I try to get around to answering them, so check back if you don't see a reply right away. Later.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WAR Games Con 2013 is Almost Here!

WAR Games Con 2013 is almost here.  Last minute preparations are in full swing.  For the latest behind-the-scenes pics, check out our twitter feed.  If you're attending, or just watching, check out the schedule and directory at wargamescon2013.sched.org.  Attendees can create their customized schedule there.

See you in Austin!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alamo GT Day Two

When day two was starting up I had high hopes that my dice luck would turn around...  I think for the most part it did.

Round 4 - Chaos Space Marines
Primary:  Big Guns: 2 Objectives (opponents deployment zone is the objective)
Secondary:  Kill all heavy support units or units with armor if no HS are included

I finally get to play against some dragons!  Trent was playing a nurgle based list with a biker lord, a squad of nurgle bikes, a small squad of plague marines, a ton of cultists, a maulerfiend, 2 las cannon predators, and 2 dragons.

Turn 1, he just moved his forces forward toward my lines.  Unfortunately for me, he was able to take out the Icarus with his las predators and thus cripple the primary weapon against the dragons.  Oh well.  During my turn, my primary concern was taking out the mauler fiend as it was really the only major threat to the bastion that was holding my lines.  I dropped in around and was able to take it down fairly easily.  I was also able to take down one of the las preds by dropping behind it.  Trent tried to deploy his cultists so I wouldn't have space to drop in behind his lines, but I was able to find a small spot just large enough for Belial's squad.

Turn two one dragon came in and I was able to vector lock it with interceptor from the missiles.  Trent assaulted what he could with the bikes and took some more shots at the tourmies, killing a few.  Las cannons from the remaining pred was able to take out one of the speeders.  I was able to shake the predator during my turn and wipe out a small squad of cultists.  I was able to keep other squads of cultists gone to ground for improved cover so they couldn't shoot me next turn.  The vindicare was sniping out a plague marine each turn as well.  The highlight of the game was the biker lord winning a challenge against my terminator sergeant and becoming a demon prince!  I was also able to win combat with a single cyclone terminator and force about 27 cultists to run off the board.  I was also able to wipe out the bikers with a second squad of termies during my turn.

Trent was fairly underwater at this point.  The vindicare was able to survive a 4 hit vector strike and he did not have much left that could fire after that.  He assaulted a squad of termies with his shiny new demon prince.  During my turn, I was able to wound the prince a bunch and get him down to 1 wound, leaving only a cyclone left in the fight though.

In the end, Trent was able to get enough troops (including 2 remaining members of a 35 man cultist squad) back into his own deployment zone to contest what I'd moved into it forcing a draw on the primary.  He was never able to get any troops into mine.  He was never able to touch the Bastion, so I wont secondary.  90 cultists is a tough nut to crack.  12 points to 8.  Great game, fairly close right up to the end.  

ROUND 5 - Space Wolves
Primary:  Kill Points
Secondary:  Kill 4 chosen units out of elites,  fa, and/or heavys (or HQs to fill out slots)
Tertiary: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Line Breaker

For the final round of the tournament, I was up against Crazy Red Praetorian from Austin and as such I knew we'd have a good game.  He was running a Wolf Lord on a thunderwolf, a Rune Priest on a bike, a squad of 3 thundwolf cav with shields, a Wolf Priest on foot, a big squad of dudes with double plasma pistols in a pod, 2 squads of grey hunters in pods, and a small squad of wolf guard in a razorback.  In this particular case, the dice definitely went my way.  I was able to snipe out his rune priest turn 1 with a turbo-penetrator round.  the rest of my shooting was able to take out all of the other dogs as well.   Combined shooting from podding in units, including the crazy plasma pistol unit was able to wipe out Belial and his unit, but I was able to Icarus snipe his Wolf Priest with interceptor.

CRP never really recovered from losing all the wolves and I as able to slowly whittle him down and by the end of the game everything was dead save for 2 drop pods.  20-5 to the Deathwing.

As always, Alamo was a good time.  I ended up 2-2-1, but was able to take home 2nd best painted.  As I expected (and predicted) at the start of the event, the final table was Jwolf playing Tau and Minus67 playing Tau.  Jwolf was able to pull it out by getting the alpha strike again and crippling Minus' broadsides on turn 1.  Here are some other images I snapped.

My thoughts exactly, Bullymike

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Alamo 40k GT Day One Report

Day one of the Alamo GT is over and all in all it was a great time as usual.  Had three games that were for the most part, very fun as 40k goes.

ROUND 1 - Blood Angels and IG
Primary:  5 Objectives
Secondary: Table Quarters w/ Scoring Units

The first match of the game I was paired up against Aaron and his nice looking blood angel army.  One of the other big reasons I come did enjoy playing in big tournaments in my hay day was being able to play against completely painted armies so it was nice to do that again.  He was running Dante with a squad of Sanguinary guard and a priest, a tac squad with a plasma cannon, a storm raven, and a furioso in a pod with some sort of gun (I cant remember which).  His allies were Straken with a small squad of some sort, harker with a squad of vets I think it was, an aegis with a quad gun, and 3 basilisks.  I'm really quite thankful they were basilisks and not medusas...

The deployment was short table edges, but it was modified to be a 24"x36" square in opposite corners rather than the entire table edge.  I deployed my Bastion with Coteaz and the Servitors at the front of my lines, the vindicator running the icarus, the missile launchers were just anyplace they could get a good vantage point over the entire field, and the speeders were taking cover behind the bastion.

The dreadnaught dropped in turn 1 and my intercepting guns annihilated it...  I dropped in and made positions around the aegis to give plenty of targets.  The dice were quite kind to me and I was able to roll pretty average or slightly above.  The only thing that I ever had trouble with was his deathstar that dropped in my back lines behind my bastion, hidden just barely from the las cannon by his drop pod.  I was hoping to be able to take out his damn priest before he gave the squad FNP.  I did not know that line of sight was important when intercepting.  I was thinking that it was more "as they were dropping" rather than after they were already down.  Oh well.  A lucky single wound from the basilisks took out the vindicare (maybe I do wish they were medusas...  no probably still not), even through my 2+ cover.

The Sang. Guard were able to take out pretty much my entire back lines save for the bastion and the guys inside, who were nasty.  I was finally able to get the squad down to just Dante and the Priest by the end of the game, who were no longer really threats to the mission objectives.

I was able to kill ever model save for the priest and Dante who were finally able to take out the servitors and Coteaz by lobbing grenades into the building.  They just hit behind the bastion afterwords.  It was a great game that really started to turn my way in the second half.  19 out of 20 points for the Deathwing.

ROUND 2: Eldar
Primary: 3 Objectives
Secondary: Cant remember

Game two, everything really REALLY started going to hell...

I was up against John with a reasonable list, but with enough firepower that I was not completely unconcerned.  I wasn't that worried though.  He had a farseer, an avatar, a squad of rangers, 2 squads of dire avengers in wave serpents, a squad of fire dragons in a wave serpent, a squad of war walkers (of course), a squad of warp spiders, and the bad ass Forge World D-cannon take who's name escapes me.  In hind sight, I probably would have used the terminators a little differently, but that might be clouded by what happened in the game...

For an example, I went first and got Presience and Perfect Timing on my rolls for Coteaz...  Sounds great!  No cover saves for the rangers?!  NICE!..  yeah, not so nice.  Roll to cast presience... 2, 1, 1...  Well, that sucks, but at least it still goes off...  Roll for Perfect Timing... 1, 1, 1... yeah, first blood goes to the Eldar due to my shitty dice.  It never really improved after that.  The first turn, a good 40-50% of my dice were 1s.  All my missiles, the las cannon, the missile launchers, all that shooting did in total two hull points to one of the tanks, that's it.  Dire avengers hop out and bladestorm one squad, 10 wounds, all 5 terminators die...  yeah, the whole turn and most of the game was like that.  For some reason, I made almost all of my invulns all game, so why not assault the Avatar!  Sadly, he only lasted a couple of turns before my termies killed him...  Yay, at least I got slay the warlord.  All of those termies died next turn.

The only thing good that happened for me the entire game was the vindicare intercepting the spiders and las-sniping out the exarch.  5 out of 20 for the Deathwing...  ouch.

ROUND 3: Space Wolves
Primary:  Kill Points
Secondary:  Slay the Warlord, First Blood

Still reeling a little from the annihilation during game 2, I had high hopes.  Sadly, I don't remember my opponents name, but he was running 2 squads of grey hunters with a bunch of plasma, a squad of long fangs with an assortment of guns, an aegis with a quad gun, a squad of dogs, a wolflord on a dog, and a squad of wolf guard termies in a drop pod.

My tactics in this game were sound and I was able to strand his termies on the wrong side of the board, and his dogs far enough on one flank that if I could just roll some friggin average dice I could wipe out most if not all of the grey hunters before the big guys were even involved in the fight...  Yeah, no such luck.  I'd say my dice improved from 50% ones, to about 1:3.  Still nowhere near good enough.  It was  a pretty close fight at first and I was able to take out the long fangs early, but it went downhill from there, 4" failed charge... 3" failed charge... and FAR too many 1s for armor saves and there was nothing I could really do...  The game was closer for sure than game 2, but still nowhere near close at all.  I can definitely say that vindicare is quite dirty running that las cannon though, ouch.  Another 5 out of 20 for the Deathwing.